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Hello!  Thank you for dropping by

I've been around construction for over 30 years, and have been a professional for over 10.  I enjoy the diversity of home improvement and look forward to the challenges it sometimes presents, problem solving is always a treat.  Not only will I make sure to treat your home with the best care, but I am as environmentally friendly as possible.


It's also worth mentioning I prefer to do most of the upfront stuff via email.  For example, most projects can be described well enough via text and pictures.  When possible/necessary attaching pictures in an email can save time and money.  Efficiency is beneficial for both parties as I prefer cultivating symbiotic relationships with people.


  Please take a minute to look around and feel free to drop me a line!


I have plenty of tiling experience, indoor and outdoor.

Click on the wrench to see some pictures of my work.



Carpentry is my favorite trade.  It presents problems that require the most creativity as well as a rewarding feeling when done.

Click on the Hammer to see some pictures of my work.

I can do the basic fixes around a home and then some.  From leaky toilets to some leaky pipes I am able to fix most plumbing needs.

If the project isn't too large, I can help you with some outdoor issues as well.


For smaller drywall jobs I am still a viable option.  For larger jobs, rooms and such, I've become too expensive.  The work is doable, just way too time consuming.

Usually the hardest part of fixing something is knowing what's wrong.  After enough experience I've become confident with figuring out the right issue before implementation.

I am competent with many electrical issues.  Depending on how big the issue is, I should be able to help.

I am also a tutor, please click on the above image for recommendations.

My husband and I heartily recommend Dan Nicholson for whatever form of handyman-like work he reports he can perform. Over quite a few years, due to another positive reference from our own friends, we have felt incredibly fortunate to have found Dan and have tapped him on numerous occasions for a wide range of projects and services. In fact, early into our "relationship," we have entrusted him with a key to our house, which has led to scheduling times for him to handle certain tasks on his own. We have enlisted and paid Dan for work that has ranged from erecting a new rail on our steps to the basement to repairing cracks to repainting and sanding patio furniture to changing electrical fixtures. Along the way, Dan also shops to purchase needed items such as lighting fixtures and the like. Most importantly, he has a splendid, modest personality, and is responsive via email or the phone. He also makes clear what timing for non-emergency projects will be most economical for us in order to minimize the travel time involved in getting to our home. At the same time, he has rushed over to do emergency work when asked. All of the work he has performed at our home has been successful and well-crafted. In recalling numerous instances and types of work Dan has produced, I cannot think of an single instance of being disappointed. And his pricing structure seems more than fair. On a scale of one to ten, our household gives Dan Nicholson a TEN for excellence on all fronts.

Tamera Luzzatto and David Leiter


Woodley Park, DC